What is the difference between your CrashGuard / PlayProof / SolidSuit cases?

Martin -

While we have several different cases, you can rest assured they all provide the same level of impact protection, as they are made from the same materials.

If you like to display the original design of your phone with a minimalist touch, you may want to go with the CrashGuard. Since it is a bumper style case, you can feel the back of the device as it only wraps around the sides, covering as little as possible. We offer several colors for you to choose from. This is the perfect option if you have a skin on your device.

If you feel like you want to have more protection coverage for your phone, you may want to go with either the PlayProof or SolidSuit case, which sports a more traditional design offering full protection coverage of the back. This is the best option if you absolutely want to avoid scratches on the back of the device.

PlayProof has a matte design and has over 100 designs to choose from on our website. We also offer personalised designs such as Jersey. More personalisation options are coming soon. Please check www.rhinoshield.de/personalize to see all of our personalisation features.

SolidSuit on the other hand, is more about the feel of textures, offering a premium feel and aesthetic of carbon fiber, marble or brushed steel to your phone.

We are still developing leather finish SolidSuits at the moment, and in the future, it may become available.

If you like to know more about the different cases that we offer, please visit our website here:


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