When will you ship my Pre-Order?

Martin -

An Estimated Release Date is usually written next to the product title on our site and on the order confirmation email which you will receive shortly after placing the Pre-Order.

Please note the release dates are approximate. While we make every effort to meet the target dates, they are subject to change as delays may happen due mostly to production issues. It is an estimated release date, not a guaranteed shipping date.

If the delay is very serious, we will announce it on our site and contact you by email. We will provide you with an updated shipping date and give you the choice of waiting or cancelling. 

As soon as your item(s) becomes available, they will be shipped without additional shipping and handling charges.

Please note that an order containing at least one item on Pre-Order will not be shipped before everything is available. You are welcome to contact us if you wish to split your shipment. Additional shipping charges may apply.


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