Does your case fit with a skin?

Alex -

Most skins (dbrand, slickwrap) should fit with our cases.

Please note there are two factors that will require your attention.

- The thickness of the skin. If the skin is very thick it might not fit.

- The surface coverage of the skin. If your skin also covers the sides of the device, please pay special attention to the following:

The fit of the case will leave a bit of space because a little room is required to put it on the phone. This means that there is room for a thin skin to get in between on the sides. If your skin also covers the sides, please be very careful when putting the case on (or taking it off), as it may cause the skin to lift up or to crumple.

We are not be responsible when your skin is damaged during installation of our products.


*Due the the design of the OnePlus 5 Bumper, we do not recommend using a skin that covers the sides.

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