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Martin -

We offer the CrashGuard bumper for a variety of devices, mostly flagship from Apple, Samsung, Nexus / Pixel and OnePlus

Please note that we have no plans on releasing any CrashGuard for LG at the moment. We are looking into the possibility of supporting future Huawei / Honor devices. For Sony, we only provide a PlayProof case (Sony Xperia XZ, XZs), no CrashGuard bumper. 
(Edit: As of July 2017, the plans for XZ Premium item has been cancelled)

If you are looking to get a CrashGuard for a device that has been out for over half a year and you still do not see it on our website, chances are we will not produce any CrashGuard case for it. However, still feel free to follow us on social media to get our latest updates!

Please check our CrashGuard page for the devices we support and feel free to follow us on social media to get our latest updates!






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    Binakdane Abderahmane

    Pouvez vous faire une crashguard pour OnePlus 5T

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    J'attends avec impatiente le CrashGuard pour le Honor 8x.

    Ainsi que la protection d'écran.


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