Does the your normal Galaxy product fit Galaxy Edge?

Martin -

Unfortunately it does not. Our bumper for Galaxy S6 will not fit the Galaxy S6 Edge, and our bumper for Galaxy S7 will not fit the Galaxy S7 Edge.
Since the normal version of the Galaxy's dimension is quite different from that of the Galaxy Edge's, not only will it not fit, but also the buttons and cutouts will not line up.
We will unfortunately not produce any product for these devices.
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    El 3MEN2

    I am disapointed that you guys arent able to make a case for the s6 edge or s7 edge... your cases are amazing and a lot of people like me will miss out from getting a case. It seems that you already have cases ready for the s8 but not the s7 edge and s6 edge what is it that you guys are doing?

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    @El 3MEN2,

    Sorry about not being able to support the older edge models.

    We would love to be able to support all phones out there but for now we can only focus on the current Samsung flagship phone the s8 and s8+.

    Being a small scale start up we have to pick and choose our design roadmap and which devices we can do products for.

    We hope you will understand our choices and that one day, we will be able to support your phone of choice.

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    Will you make bumpers or screen protectors for the edge edition? Please, I'd like to buy your screen protectors, but I have galaxy s6 edge...

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    We are sorry to say that at this point, we most likely will not be producing products for the s6 edge or s7 edge.

    We will be focusing on the newer models from Samsung, such as the s8 and s8 Plus, and future phones.

    We apologize for the inconvenience 

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    at least samsung S7 Edge

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