My tracking is stuck / not updating, where is my order?

Bella -

Once you receive a shipping confirmation e-mail, it means that your parcel has been processed and shipped out. If the tracking does not provide the latest update, here are some of the most frequent reasons we see:

  • Your parcel has arrived at the customs of your country and is currently under the clearance process during which the postal system is unable to provide any further updates until the customs are done with their work. We unfortunately are not able to tell you how long this process might be since we have no power over the customs of any country.
  • Your parcel is on the way to the destination, however, the post office does not scan the parcel properly so the updated information are not showing from the tracking site. Please allow a few days for your local post office to update the latest information. You may want to contact your local post office to have more information.

Please note that for customised / personalised items, the shipping might need 2-4 days before showing any information as these items are sometimes shipped from different locations. 



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    Osvaldo Colón

    This is really frustrating I spent over $60.00 on your products to protect my phone. I don’t understand why it has taken so long to arrive. I guess I don’t need the product anymore given the fact that the purpose of the purchase is no longer possible. While waiting for my screen protector to arrive - two days late now- my phone screen just cracked. Maybe had your product been delivered on time I wouldn’t have to spend an extra $200 on a new screen.. I think you guys can do better on shipping and handling. I don’t think I would ever buy another product from this company again.


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    Kamil Wasilowicz

    I place an order at home and I followed my package that had to come to Belgium. But the follow-up tells me that my livrissin is at home or that it is not the case could you help me have already contacted the post office and he told me to contact you.

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