Will I be charged any VAT or import duties?

Martin -

For Standard Shipping:

If you are located in the EU or the United States, we can assure you no import taxes will be incurred. Orders in the EU and the United States are shipped from within those two regions. If there are any import taxes / duty, we will have these charges covered for you.

If you are located outside of the EU or the United States, you assume the responsibility of an importer. Import taxes and custom duty fees might be incurred. For the exact amount of these charges, please consult your local customs office before purchase as we will not be responsible for these charges. 

For FedEx & DHL Shipping:

Duty / VAT taxes may happen for any country and you are responsible for checking in advance the laws that apply to your situation. In the event that you refuse paying these charges, you might be denied any refund to cover the additional costs this might incur even if you do not receive the product. 


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