How protective are your products?

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To protect your phone, we offer two kinds of products: Screen Protectors and Cases.

We always suggest our customers to use both products to allow a better and more complete protection for their phones. Failure to use any of the two will drastically decrease the protection offered by any product.

An item, in order to protect your phone, needs to absorb the energy emerging from the impact. To do that, the impact needs to be on the item itself. Otherwise, if an impact is directly done to the device itself, the energy will be transferred to the device, which will get damaged. The screen protector or case will not provide any protection if it does not absorb the impact itself.

By only using the bumper, a direct impact on an uneven surface or an item falling on your screen will result in damage to the device.

With the same logic, if only the screen protector is used, the device will get damaged if it falls on its side.
This is not an issue specific only to our products, but with all products out there.

With both products on, your phone will have a very high degree of protection. However it is still not 100%, as there are still a few, minor unprotected areas. For example: the home button or even the speaker grill.

Our Impact Resistant Screen Protector and Tempered Glass Screen Protector will protect your phone against direct impacts and scratches. For more details and the difference between the two, please visit

Our cases (CrashGuard, PlayProof, SolidSuit) will protect your phone from side drops and front drops only if the surface is completely flat and devoid of objects (sidewalks are considered uneven surfaces). For more details, please visit our site:, or visit our article about this topic on this FAQ.

We strongly recommend you use a screen protector and case together to make sure that your phone is protected in all situations. Our Impact Resistant Screen Protector will provide more impact protection than our Tempered Glass Screen Protector. This is the product we use for all of our Impact Protection tests.

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