Can I change my shipping / billing address?

Alex -

If your order has not been shipped out, we will be able to change your shipping address for you no problem! Please contact us at ASAP. We will do our best to assist you. 

IMPORTANT: Please avoid contacting us asking if you can change your address without providing the new address. Be sure to provide the correct address in your first message so we are able to change it right away. If we are unable to change it we will let you know.

If your order has already been shipped out, we will most likely NOT be able to make any modifications. You may want to place a new order right away and/or wait for the package to be returned to us if you cannot receive it.

Please note we are unable to make any modifications to your billing address once the payment has been completed. However, it will not affect your shipment in any way as long as the shipping address is correct.


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