Does your case fit with other screen protectors?

Martin -

As there are quite a lot of other third party screen protectors on the market, we have not done tests on all of them in regards to the variety of cases we carry.

The screen protector you wish to use will most likely fit our cases, as we know, most screen protectors on the market do (we design our cases with this intention in mind). However, there are many variables that will unfortunately affect the fitting of our case with your third party screen protectors that we cannot control. For example: the coverage, thickness, and alignment...etc

We are not responsible if our products are incompatible with other brands’ items or if a product is damaged when used in combination of ours.

If you are not sure, please check out our screen protectors because we are certain that they will be 100% compatible.

We offer two different types of screen protectors:

Impact Resistant Screen Protector

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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